'Vampire Diaries' star Michael Trevino sinks his teeth into Lindsay Lohan for Tyler Shields shoot

trevino-lohan-1.jpgWell, this is unexpected! " The Vampire Diaries" resident werewolf, Michael Trevino, had the chance to flip the script and actually play a bloodsucker for a recent Tyler Shields photo shoot, revealed over the weekend at his one day only gallery event in Los Angeles.

The pictures range from fun and campy to gross and gory, but we love getting the chance to see Trevino play vamp for a change -- and according to Shields, he had a great time taking the pics alongside Lindsay Lohan.

"It got intense on this shoot," Shields writes on his official site. "People left bleeding! Lindsay and I had been wanting to do this vampire shoot for a while and it came together in perfect time for my gallery, Trevino just happened to be in town it was all meant to be! What can I say Lindsay she takes it to another level the way she works is incredible she killed it and she killed Trevino who also I had only met twice before this but what an amazing guy I cant say enough about how great he was in this he left my house bruised and bleeding and loved every moment of it!"


Check out the pics (and accompanying video) below.

trevino-lohan-2.jpg trevino-lohan-3.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Tyler Shields