Vanessa Hudgens fashionable fender-bender caught on camera

vanessa-hudgens-car-accident.jpg Zac Efron's girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens was backing out of a CVS  drug store parking lot in Studio City, California when her black Audi bumped into another car.

Eyewitnesses (we're guessing whoever was taking the photos) say VHud didn't get out of her car.

The "Sucker Punch" star rolled down her window to talk with the owner of the car she hit.

Hudgens' car had minor scratches to the back bumper. The other car sustained a dent in the driver's door.

The two exchanged info. No police were called to make a police report.

But somehow, the paparazzi were right there to capture this horrific accident on camera for Radaronllne.