'Veronica Mars' movie adds James Franco as ...

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james-franco-veronica-mars-movie.jpgExciting news, Marshmallows! Zap2it has some scoop on the "Veronica Mars" movie.

A source tells us that James Franco is scripted to appear ... as himself. He'll be one of several celebrities in the movie who have been victims of a hidden camera scam. No, not like on "Duped!" -- "one of those reality shows where people get duped into doing stupid things like giving some stranger their car or a bunch of money."

But the kind of scam where someone hides cameras in famous people's houses and tries to sell the videos. Sounds like a case for everyone's favorite pint-sized private eye.

While reps for Franco and the movie could not be reached due to the holiday weekend, the actor is just the latest in a long line names attached to the project, including familiar faces and newbies. The "Veronica Mars" movie is slated for a 2014 release. Are you getting excited, VMars fans?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images