'Veronica Mars': Ryan Hansen loves Dick Casablancas as much as you do

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Warning: The above video contains strong language.

Though he's easy to hate a lot of the time, it's hard to not have a soft spot for Dick Casablancas on "Veronica Mars." The character was often at odds with the young private detective, but always has something just dim enough to say to make you love him.

It doesn't hurt that his name opens the floodgates for way too many puns. No one knows them better than the actor who plays him, Ryan Hansen. Sitting down with Zap2it at the "Veronica Mars" movie junket, Hansen throws out all the easy Dick jokes he can manage, but also digs a bit deeper into the character. 

Well, he would if there was somewhere deeper to go. "There's not so much depth with Dick," Hansen says. Still, Dick has feelings, some of which may be aimed at one Miss Veronica Mars. "I think they butt heads, but I think they both might like it a little bit," he theorizes. "Maybe Dick might like it a little more than Veronica."

If there's one thing Hansen knows for sure, it's what he never wants Dick to have to grow up. Why would he ever want to? "That would be tragic for him," Hansen says," because he's not good at anything." At least there's always surfing and beer.

"Veronica Mars" is in theaters March 14.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Zap2it