'VH1 Divas': Paula Abdul as Ellen Degeneres

Paula-Abdul-VH1-Divas-Ellen.jpgIf you missed "VH1 Divas" last night, you can catch one of the highlights here on video: Paula Abdul imitating her "American Idol" replacement Ellen Degeneres.

Paula's bits last night as MC of "VH1 Divas" was by and large unintentionally hilarious. However, she had a few moments here and there that we found amusing and one of them was her send-up of Ellen Degeneres. She donned some Keds, a suit jacket and a blonde shag wig and danced her little heart out, then wished Ellen the best of luck with "American Idol." It was a great way to handle the whole situation. And Paula's dancing was great! Video below.

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