'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show' 2012: Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel hop back on the merry-go-round

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There's an old saying in fashion: "Don't let the clothes wear you." And when the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs Tuesday, Dec. 4, on CBS, viewers will see 40 of the world's most beautiful models taking that phrase quite literally.

From Miranda Kerr to Alessandra Ambrosio to Candice Swanepoel, the annual holiday special highlights the miracles that can occur when a push-up bra meets a hot glue gun. As usual, it not only showcases the latest lines of unmentionables from Victoria's Secret in various themes and fantasy settings; it also gives viewers a dazzling entertainment smorgasbord as this year's musical performers include Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Bruno Mars. ( Rumor has it Mr. Bieber was very busy that night.)

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Zap2it was lucky enough to be on hand for the show, and we promise you there is not a weak moment to be found. And while we were there, we thought we'd have Todd Thomas, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show collection designer, give us the 411 on some of the night's hottest looks.

"For the 'Circus' section we really wanted to create a sense of nostalgic romance -- a twinkling magical mood which would provide death-defying feats of glamour and excitement," Thomas says. "For Candice we created a sparkling sexy tightrope walker with a celestial motif beaded bra and panty using tons of Swarovski Elements and dusty blue ostrich feathers. The overall effect combines refined retro, fragility and glamour."

"In 'Dangerous Liaisons,' there are lots of epic historical fashion references in confectionary pastel colors with dramatic rococo flourishes," Thomas says. "The twist, however, is the provocative deconstruction of the garments to reveal the beautiful lingerie beneath. For Miranda we create this delicate plastron, which evokes the era while simultaneously highlighting the delicate lingerie. This and the other looks in 'Dangerous Liaisons' are all about the idea of abandon versus restraint."

"'PINK' is pop and hip and fun. Elsa wears an over-the-top giant sequin rainbow hoodie and sports over-sized pinwheel accessories, which fit into our 'Cool Toy Girls Come to Life' theme," adds Thomas. "We took great pleasure in conceptualizing all of the very whimsical pieces in the 'PINK' section, from the paper doll to the robot girl. Each look was sweet and cute and hip."

"Old-world Hollywood glamour and contemporary cool collide in this over-the-top, dramatic art-deco gown with built-in wings worn by supermodel Cameron Russell," Thomas says. "This piece was made to celebrate the milestone of a 10-year partnership of Swarovski, who have provided all the crystal elements that make this and the other pieces shine so cinematically. 'Silver Screen Angels' is perhaps one of the most glamorous sections we've ever created in the history of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And that's a statement!"
Photo/Video credit: CBS