Video: Emmy Reax From Vanessa Williams, Rebecca Mader, Kristin Chenoweth (and Aaron Sorkin); Neil Patrick Harris Weighs In As Well


On Emmy nomination day, I got the chance to gush with a few nominees, namely Ugly Betty's Vanessa Williams and Pushing Daisies' Kristin Chenoweth (accompanied by her date, Aaron Sorkin). Click on the video below to watch that excitement (and watch through to the end for my chat with the man behind The West Wing), along with nom reaction from Lost's Rebecca Mader and In Treatment's Blair Underwood, who was totally robbed.  But first, a snippet of my Emmy exchange with second time nominee, Neil Patrick Harris...

I spoke with [How I Met Your Mother co-creator] Carter Bays moments after your name was announced and he told me he just sent you a congratulatory e-mail. He figured you were probably wasted already, so there was no point in calling you.
Yeah, you know champagne is delicious lukewarm. I got two bottles and I drank them straightaway.

Did you?
(Laughs) No. But yeah, that was very sweet. I actually read [your post]. Carter and Craig [Thomas] are great. I mean, I know this sounds like the thing one is supposed to say -- that I attribute [my nomination] to the writing staff of the show -- but I don't mean it glibly. I legitimately feel that Barney Stinson has a voice that is unlike any other, and they write things that make me laugh and laugh and laugh. And on the first draft. And then I get to read their re-writes and they top themselves. And then, while we're filming it, they'll just whisper something in my ear that tops the joke that was already funnier than the one before it. That's how they operate. You don't often find people that are that consistently odd and hilarious and I'm incredibly grateful for it.

And also just really nice guys.
Super nice guys.

Of course, they say the opposite about who deserves the credit.
Yeah, but that's lies.

Are you ever surprised that the Television Academy is open to recognizing you for a character like Barney, who says ridiculous things and has a rating system for women, that sort of thing?
No, this is that role on our show. Ted is telling the story of the misadventures of finding love and you have to have one really eccentric voice of contempt throughout all of that. So I think that character lends itself to getting noticed.