Vince Vaughn on 'Delivery Man,' Santa Claus and interviewing Queen Latifah

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vince-vaughn-queen-latifah-show-delivery-man-gi.jpg Vince Vaughn technically was on "The Queen Latifah Show" to talk about his new film, "Delivery Man." But he also spent a fair amount of time talking about Christmas, having kids and interviewing Queen Latifah.

He's actually a very good interviewer -- the audience learned almost as much about Latifah as they did about Vaughn.

As for "Delivery Man," it sounds like Vaughn was most interested in the project because he is a father of young children himself. "The movie's kind of about, as a parent, the hopes and fears you have for your kids," the actor explained. "I think being a new dad definitely opened me up and made it very easy for me to tap into those feelings."

Still, having some humor didn't hurt. "It's a very funny movie!" Vaughn insisted.

Because it's the season for such things, Vaughn and Latifah spent some time talking about the upcoming holidays -- Vince Vaughn is a big fan of both Thanksgiving and Christmas. He and the talk-show host got through some incoherent exclamations about stop-motion Christmas specials before moving on to the subject of Santa Claus.

How did Vince Vaughn learn the truth about Santa? It seems to have been a combination of mean neighbor kids and concerned older sisters. "I had some neighborhood kids tell me, and I kind of played along: 'Yeah, I know ...' Because you want to be cool," Vaughn explained. "But my sisters pulled me aside like it was a whole conspiracy." Those sisters warned young Vince not to admit knowing anything about Santa Claus so as to keep Christmas presents flowing.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images