VMAs 2013: Lady Gaga debuts 'Applause' while nearly nude

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lady-gaga-applause-vmas-2013.jpgLeave it to Lady Gaga to come back to the music scene with a bang. After being sidelined with a hip injury that required surgery back in February, Gaga is back and better than ever. She gave the debut performance of her latest single, "Applause," at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards -- what did you think?

Gaga started out in a large white outfit and was wearing next-to-nothing by the end of the performance. She flashed her butt in a teeny thong, but that's nothing new -- that's the Gaga we know and love.

Video of the performance below. Gaga's new album, titled "ARTPOP," is due out Nov. 11, 2013.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images