VMAs 2013 worst dressed: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and ... Richard Simmons?

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vmas-2013-worst-dressed-katy-perry-miley-cyrus-riff-raff.jpgCheck out the stars who have made our worst-dressed list for the MTV Video Music Awards 2013.

Above, we have three insane-looking stars -- Katy Perry with her leopard print dress, which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't covered with gold dragonflies; Riff Raff, with his fringey scarf and pants made out of an old couch; and Miley Cyrus, who ... we don't even know what is happening there, but it is not helped by the tufts on her head or her tongue sticking out.

Below, it appears that 2 Chainz and Grimes shop at the same ugly clothes store and Busta Rhymes probably also found that vest there.

Below that we have Selena Gomez sporting her Janet-Jackson-wardrobe-malfunction best; Sarah Hyland in a dress that Maria Von Trapp quickly fashioned out of some curtains; and vagrant who sneaked in off the street (nope, turns out that's just Machine Gun Kelly, but whatevs).

And finally, for reasons passing understanding, Richard Simmons is there. We know it's his schtick to wear colorful workout clothes, but seriously. Stop.

2013-vmas-worst-dressed-2-chainz-busta-rhymes-grimes.jpg vmas-worst-dressed-2013-machine-gun-kelly-selena-gomez-sarah-hyland.jpg
Photo/Video credit: MTV