'Vogue': 'Popular's' Tammy Lynn Michaels did it before 'Glee's' Lynch

popularglee.jpgWhen "Glee" executive producer Ryan Murphy says he's a big fan of Madonna, he means it. Sue Sylvester's "Vogue" is not the first time a Ryan Murphy character has recreated the iconic video. Murphy's first venture into TV was "Popular," which ran on The WB from 1999 to 2001 and featured Queen Bee Nicole Julian ( Tammy Lynn Michaels) in that cone-shaped bra.

Michaels, who recently separated from longtime partner Melissa Etheridge, recently posted about the experience on her blog, Hollywood Farm Girl. "It was fun," she writes. "I remember i was super self-conscious about showing off the 'area above my navel'....and do we need to talk about my tittays in those GIANT CONES?"

She employed a bit of liquid courage to get her through the filming. "Right before that night shot, i'd had a glass of champagne just to loosen my non-dancer self up. let's watch that again. nope. i was not loose. there was a crew of about 30 guys that were so nice and acted like i had dancing talent instead of drunken rodeo clown."

Check out the two videos below. Who did it better, Nicole Julian or Sue Sylvester?

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