'Walking Dead' Season 3 Episode 2: 'Sick' photos - Daryl, Hershel, T-Dog

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norman-reedus-daryl-walking-dead-sick-season-3-amc.jpgSunday night's Season 3 premiere of "The Walking Dead" left its record-setting audience with a few significant questions.

Like, will Hershel survive getting his leg chopped off? And who the heck are those non-walker prisoners Rick and company saw in the closing moments?

These photos from Season 3's second episode, "Sick," don't exactly answer any burning questions. But that is Hershel that Carol, Beth, Lori and Rick are surrounding in one of the images. The other two shots feature Daryl and T-Dog in badass mode, suggesting that the premiere's walker massacre isn't over yet.

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Photo/Video credit: AMC