'Walking Dead': Season 3 episode 3 photos from 'Walk with Me,' welcome to Woodbury

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david-morrissey-walking-dead-season-3-episode-3-walk-with-me-amc.jpgSo far, Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" has been a non-stop thrill ride, and we haven't even met the new Big Bad yet. That will come in this week's third episode, "Walk with Me," which focuses on Andrea and Michonne's arrival in Woodbury, a seemingly cozy small town overseen by The Governor ( David Morrissey).

Fans of the "Walking Dead" comics know the Governor isn't such a great guy -- and it seems like we can expect the same from the TV version -- but we'll have to see how his character plays out on the show.

From AMC's publicity photos for "Walk with Me," it looks like Andrea ( Laurie Holden) will be spending a lot of time with The Governor, while we'll also see more of Michonne ( Danai Gurira) and the return of Merle ( Michael Rooker)!

When you're done feasting your eyes on on these, be sure to take a look at all of the photos we've posted in "The Walking Dead" Season 3 gallery.

laurie-holden-david-morrissey-walking-dead-season-3-episode-3-walk-with-me-amc.jpgAndrea gets a tour of Woodbury from The Governor.

laurie-holden-andrea-david-morrissey-governor-walking-dead-season-3-episode-3-walk-with-me-amc.jpgAndrea and The Governor share some quality time.

david-morrissey-danai-gurira-laurie-holden-walking-dead-season-3-episode-3-walk-with-me-amc.jpgWhat is Andrea looking at, and what's Michonne doing in the background?

Photo/Video credit: AMC