'Walking Dead': Season 3, episode 8 photos from 'Made to Suffer'

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chandler-riggs-carl-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-season-3-amc.jpgThis is it "Walking Dead" fans. The midseason finale is upon us and we won't get any more episodes until February 2013.

Before that sad reality sinks in, take a look at these preview pictures from the upcoming episode. It looks to be a fittingly badass end to an extremely badass half-season. Carl's got a gun! Andrea's got a gun! Rick's got a gun! And whenever Michonne and/or Daryl are prominently involved, you know something serious is gonna go down. (But if that's Woodbury where Daryl is crashing, he looks a little too comfortable, don't you think?)

One photo not yet released: the debut of fan favorite character Tyreese, who will be played by "The Wire's" Chad Coleman and is expected to make his first appearance in the episode.

Also notably missing from the early pics: Merle, The Governor, Maggie and Glenn. We hope that's not an ominous sign -- at least for Maggie and Glenn's sake.

danai-gurira-michonne-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-season-3-amc.jpg andrew-lincoln-rick-grimes-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-season-3-amc.jpg

Photo/Video credit: AMC