'Walking Dead' spoiler photos: Season 3 episode 10 'Home' spotlights Daryl and Merle

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walking-dead-norman-reedus-daryl-dixon-home-season-3-amc.jpgBrand new photos from this week's "The Walking Dead" episode "Home" put the spotlight on four characters: Daryl, Merle, Michonne and Rick.

Does that mean we should expect to find out how Daryl and Merle are faring out on their own? Is it possible Daryl will regret the decision to stand by his brother and leave Rick, Carol, Carl and the others behind?

And do the shots of Michonne in action mean she's recovered from that nasty concussion the Governor gave her? Or is there more than meets the eye?

What are your theories for this week's episode? And if you missed last week's -- or just want to revisit it -- check out our recap or watch the full episode online now.

walking-dead-norman-reedus-michael-rooker-merle-daryl-dixon-home-season-3-amc.jpg walking-dead-merle-michael-rooker-home-season-3-amc.jpg
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Photo/Video credit: AMC