'Walking Dead' spoiler photos: Season 3 episode 14 'Prey' - Andrea vs the Governor

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walking-dead-prey-andrea-laurie-holden-season-3-amc.jpgIt's Andrea versus the Governor this week on "The Walking Dead" and we can't promise everyone's gonna make it out alive.

Some "Dead" fans have been rather vocal about Andrea's relationship with the villainous Governor this season, and not everyone is happy it took her so long to see the light. But that Governor is one charming bastard, and we're still rooting for Andrea to take him out now that she knows for sure he's no good.

Check out the photos below from this week's episode "Prey" and loads more "Walking Dead" Season 3 pics in our gallery.

walking-dead-laurie-holden-andrea-prey-season-3-amc.jpg walking-dead-david-morrissey-governor-prey-season-3-amc.jpg walking-dead-andrea-laurie-holden-prey-season-3-amc.jpg
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Photo/Video credit: AMC