'Walking Dead' spoiler photos: Season 3 episode 15 'This Sorrowful Life' - Daryl, Merle, Glenn and Maggie

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walking-dead-michael-rooker-merle-dixon-this-sorrowful-life-season-3-amc.jpgWhat's got Merle so spooked on this week's penultimate episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 3?

We know not all of the survivors have adjusted to having Merle Dixon around -- Glenn, Maggie and Michonne understandably still resent his behavior in Woodbury, and Carol doesn't appreciate the hold he has over Daryl -- but Merle has been making sense lately in his warnings about the Governor. Will this be the week all that conflict comes to a head?

Check out these promotional photos from this week's episode -- "This Sorrowful Life" -- and just be glad Glenn and Maggie find time to sneak in a kiss when they can. We're worried this week's episode is gonna be a rough one.

walking-dead-norman-reedus-daryl-dixon-this-sorrowful-life-amc.jpg walking-dead-andrew-lincoln-norman-reedus-this-sorrowful-life-season-3-amc.jpg
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Photo/Video credit: AMC