'Walking Dead's' Chandler Riggs joins zombie-free thriller 'Home Invasion'

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Even when he's not killing zombies on "The Walking Dead," Chandler Riggs can't get too far away from the horror world. Riggs, who plays Carl on the AMC show, will star in the upcoming thriller "Home Invasion."

According to THR, Chandler will join Ioan Gruffudd, Bella Thorne and Natalie Martinez in the movie, which finds a family being held prisoner in their own home as mysterious intruders force them to play a game with pretty severe consequences.

If "The Strangers," "The Purge" or "You're Next" have anything to say about it, the bad guys in the movie are bound to be wearing creepy masks. The only thing scarier than a burglar is one wearing a sheep's mask. At least Riggs won't have to also worry about turning into a zombie when all is said and done.

No release date has been announced.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images