'Warehouse 13': Jack Kenny Q&A on Myka, Jinks and what's to come

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Warehouse-13-Saul-Rubinek-Joanne-Kelly-Eddie-McClintock-Allison-Scagliotti.jpgBack in February, HCTV caught up with "Warehouse 13" executive producer Jack Kenny to learn about Steve Jinks, the new human-truth-detector character played by Aaron Ashmore, and the fate of the cursed-artifact-hunting team of Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock), which appeared to be kaput after Myka quit.

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As viewers know, when season three began on Monday, July 11, Myka came back. Since then, Jinks is settling in, Pete sorted things out with his ex-wife (Jeri Ryan), Warehouse tech Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) has a new pal, and boss Artie (Saul Rubinek) is riding herd on them all.

This morning, HCTV got some fresh answers to some new questions from Kenny (including about the show being picked up for a fourth season last Friday), and hot off the email electrons, here they are (questions in bold):

Q: Have the fans forgiven you for letting them think Myka had left?

I didn't know they were mad at me! Seriously, though, I did keep saying to just trust us, that we wouldn't let you down ... so I hope they were never really concerned, and knew that we always have their best interests at heart. I mean, Indiana Jones is NOT going to die, no matter how dire the situation looks, right? But you gotta think he might, or why do it? So we'll always be trying to inject as much conflict and controversy as we can into our show, but the fans should always know we'll take care of them.

Q: Has the reaction to her return been what you expected?

Hard to gauge the reaction, per se, but I think everyone is thrilled to have Myka back, and I would've expected no less. Joanne brings such a wonderful energy to the team, and she and Eddie are having a phenomenal year! Their chemistry is better than ever, and I think it really, really shows on screen!

Q: What have the fans thought of the new guy?

From everything I've heard and read, people seem to LOVE Aaron Ashmore. Like the rest of Warehouse-13-Aaron-Ashmore-Steve-Jinks.jpgour cast, he fits beautifully into the family, and brings his own unique energy to the team. It's very gratifying to read how both critics and audience welcomed him into our family. I think they'll all really be pulled into his story line for the season. It'll be quite surprising.

Q: How has Steve Jinks changed the dynamic?

I don't think he's "changed" it, as much as enhanced it. He's given Claudia a real friend. She always had a wonderful father-figure in Artie, and siblings in Pete and Myka, but Jinksy has really given her a compatriot. Someone she can relate to on an equal playing field; and I think it's really brought up her game in a terrific way.

Q: How did you learn about the renewal?

I got a wonderful call from Syfy last week, warning me that it was about to hit the Internet, and that I should try to get to the cast and let them know. It's become completely impossible to keep anything secret for more than a nanosecond anymore. That's particularly hard for a show like ours, when we wanna keep spoilers out of the press for as long as possible.

Q: What do you think most contributed to the success that earned that renewal?

Hard to say one thing. Every successful show is a total team effort. It starts in the writers' room and with Universal Cable Productions and Syfy, as we break out a season of stories as varied and different as we can think of.

Then it's up to our production and design team in Toronto, the never-ending stamina of our crew that shoots a movie every eight days, and the BRILLIANCE of our multi-talented cast, that bring these stories to life.

Then it's back up to Syfy to promote and sell the show as devotedly as they do. And then, of course, the fans. We could do all that anyway, and if people didn't watch, we'd get canceled. So finally, it rests in the hands of the fans -- who have been the most loyal I have ever seen. Thank you to the fans!!!

Q: What hints can you drop for the rest of the season?

Well, as I say, I hate to give spoilers, cuz it's all about the surprise elements. But I can say that we're gonna learn something pretty surprising about several of our characters over the next few episodes. As I've said, this season has been in great part about how your PAST influences your PRESENT. And that's true of what's in store for many of our characters.

AND it's about the Warehouse itself, as you'll see in our jaw-dropping finale! It's even a strong theme in our holiday episode -- which I am REALLY excited about, too! We work hard all year to (hopefully) give the fans a fun ride every summer -- and a nice lift at the holidays! Thanks for watching!!!