Was Jaime Lannister holding a coffee cup during 'Game of Thrones' royal wedding?

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game-of-thrones-coffee-cup-jaime-lannister.pngSorry, blooper hounds of the world, but that awesome picture floating around the Internet supposedly catching Jaime Lannister sipping on a cup o' joe (above) didn't actually air during the episode.

In fact, a true "Game of Thrones" fan likely would have realized the image wasn't actually a blooper when they saw that the hand Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was holding the cup in is actually the one Jaime Lannister had cut off in Season 3. Whoops! So where is the image actually from?

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the still is from a behind-the-scenes video HBO aired ( watch it here). The scene in question that was featured in the video didn't actually air in the episode. In fact, you never see Jaime's right hand at all in the sequence, so maybe Coster-Waldau really was secretly holding a coffee cup. You can see the actual still from the Royal Wedding below.

Regardless of the fact the blooper isn't actually from "The Lion and the Rose," it's pretty funny that Coster-Waldau was caught drinking a little caffeine pick-me-up during his onscreen son/nephew's wedding. Ah, the perks of having two hands in real life.

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Photo/Video credit: HBO