Watch 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' ask kids if they know any naughty words

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Earlier this week, a video hit the Internet of a young boy listing all the naughty words he knows for his uncle. Watch the original video here, it's ridiculously adorable -- most of the bad words center around "butt [other body part]," though the kiddo does know one real swear word.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" was inspired by this video to hit the streets in Los Angeles and find out what naughty words other kids know.

A lot of the children think words like "dumb," "stupid" and "shut up" are bad, which is actually pretty great, but the best is the adorable moppet with pigtails who says, "Donkey ... ponyboy."

Somewhere, C. Thomas Howell is like, "Wait, what?"
Photo/Video credit: ABC