Watch NBC's 'Community' with Zap2it and PHILO on Thursday, Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. PT/ET

Zap2it is having a virtual viewing party of NBC's "Community" on Thursday, Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. PT / ET.

Several of your favorite Zap2it editors will be joining PHILO for a live tweet of NBC and Sony Pictures Television's "Community." Viewers tuning in on PHILO (think of it as Foursquare for TV fans) can unlock exclusive virtual awards tied to the episode as well as have the opportunity to win one of 50 copies of "Community: The Complete First Season" DVDs.

In Thursday's much-anticipated "Basic Rocket Science" episode, aka "The Apollo Episode," the study group is tasked with getting Greendale Community College's space flight simulator in working order for a contest with a rival school. And then, boom, the simulator is accidentally launched and the group goes hurling into "outer space."

It's "Community"! Sure, it's possible.

To join the live viewing party on PHILO and to enter to win "Community: The Complete First Season" DVDs, visit the PHILO webpage.

We'll tweet you there!

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Photo credit: NBC