Watch 'Parenthood's' Monica Potter as a 'Star Search' spokesmodel contestant

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Lots of celebrities have embarrassing, blast-from-the-past videos. Aaron Paul's appearance on "The Price is Right" was a favorite -- until Wednesday's (Jan. 29) "Arsenio."

"Parenthood's" Golden Globe-nominated actress Monica Potter was one of Arsenio's guests, and during the interview, he reveals that they have a connection other than the fact that they're both from Cleveland -- he was hosting "Star Search" when Potter was a contestant in the spokesmodel category.

First of all, we had kind of forgotten about the amazing video montages the spokesmodels did, fog and wind machines turned up to 11.

Secondly, Potter looks ... exactly the same. It's like they took her as she is now and just made her more early-'90s.

Thirdly, Potter lost?! She lost to someone. Hard to believe, right? She says of her time on the competition show, "It was a big fat mess. I looked OK at the time, but it was so awkward."

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Photo/Video credit: NBC