Watch Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon play Facebreakers on 'Tonight'

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Two the the PGA's top golfers were on "The Tonight Show" Monday (Aug. 18). Host Jimmy Fallon competed in his Facebreakers game against Rory McIlroy, with Tiger Woods acting as his coach (or "caddy," as Woods jokes, to which Fallon says, "I have the best caddy in the world!"). 

The real reason Woods isn't participating (not that we're sure he wouldn't love to caddy for Jimmy Fallon) is because he's having back problems and is not supposed to swing a golf club for the rest of the year, for what it's worth.

Watch the above video for a major surprise: McIlroy wins, but we thought it'd be a lot more of a blowout than it is. Below, Fallon reminds Woods of how he beat him at Wii golf, and then McIlroy gives Woods some props for what he did for their game.

Then they plug some golf clubs. As one does.

Photo/Video credit: NBC