Watch Ryan Seacrest sing with Richard Marx on the 'American Idol' 13 finale

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ryan-seacrest-singing-richard-marx-american-idol-13-finale.jpgRyan Seacrest has hosted "American Idol" for 13 seasons, but he hasn't tried his hand at singing -- until now. The host extraordinaire showed off his pipes in a duet with Richard Marx on the Season 13 finale. No, really. It happened.

"Ryan has some balls, actually," runner-up Jena Irene tells reporters backstage after the show. "I thought that was awesome."

Before you get your hopes up for some fantastic, know that there's a reason we've never heard Seacrest sing before. Still, the below video of what went down will probably make your day, especially if you've loved the 'Crest since his frosted tip days.

Photo/Video credit: FOX