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If you're a "Shameless" fan who just can't wait for the Season 4 premiere on Sunday (Jan. 12), you are in luck. Showtime has released the entire episode to be watched online for free.

The episode picks up not long after the Season 3 finale. Jimmy/Steve ( Justin Chatwin) is nowhere to be seen, Lip ( Jeremy Allen White) is off to college and no one knows where Ian ( Cameron Monaghan) is. Viewers will remember he enlisted in the military using his older brother's identification. Meanwhile, Frank ( William H. Macy) is in bad shape due to his failing liver, and Fiona ( Emmy Rossum) seems to have finally written him off for good.

If you're interested in an uncensored version of the episode, you'll have to tune in Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.
Photo/Video credit: Showtime