Wealthiest U.S. presidents include John F. Kennedy and George Washington

wealthiest-us-presidents.jpg24/7 Wall St has released a list of the 10 wealthiest U.S. presidents. The figures were calculated in 2010 dollars (except for those presidents still living, since more recent earnings information is available). Hard assets such as land, estimated lifetime savings based on work history, inheritance and homes were all taken into account.

And in case you were wondering, President Obama doesn't even come close to making the list. His net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Here are the Top 10 wealthiest U.S. presidents:

1. George Washington, $525 million
2. Thomas Jefferson, $212 million
3. Theodore Roosevelt, $125 million
4. Andrew Jackson, $119 million
5. James Madison, $101 million
6. Lyndon Johnson, $98 million
7. Herbert Hoover, $75 million
8. Franklin Roosevelt, $60 million
9. Bill Clinton, $55 million
10. John F. Kennedy, $1 billion (never inherited his father's estate)

The site lists JFK as tenth, despite his amount counting as the highest. It writes that although JFK "ever inherited his father's fortune, the Kennedy family estate was worth nearly $1 billion dollars." JFK's actual net worth as an individual is not listed.

It's a fascinating read, providing details like these about George Washington:

"His Virginia plantation, Mount Vernon, consisted of five separate farms on 8,000 acres of prime farmland, run by more than 300 slaves. His wife, Martha Washington, inherited significant property from her father. Washington made well more than subsequent presidents: his salary was 2% of the total U.S. budget in 1789."

You can actually read about all the presidents, not just the Top 10, in this article from 2010.
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