'Weeds' series finale: 'There was some sort of benediction,' says Mary-Louise Parker

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weeds-series-finale-mary-louise-parker-romany-malco.jpg "Weeds" came to an end Sunday night (Sept. 16), having followed the Botwin family and their band of cohorts for eight seasons. Star Mary-Louise Parker says she thought the series finale was beautiful.

"I just cried when I read it. I think it's beautiful," says Parker. "[Creator Jenji Kohan] managed to bring things together in a way that was really satisfying for me except for the fact that it was an end because, you know, I think most of us are sad about that."

"I think she just managed to bring things together in a way that wasn't necessarily a completely -- she didn't sort of make it a total happily-ever-after thing, but there was hope in it, and there was some sort of benediction, I felt like," Parker adds.

"I'm just proud of all of us and I think [Kohan] just made something amazing, and we were lucky enough to be in it," she finishes.

Kohan adds, "We just sort of put our heads down and talked about how we wanted to leave this because, ultimately, it's a show about a family."

What did you think of the "Weeds" series finale? Did it end in a satisfying way for you, viewers?
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