'We're The Millers' red band trailer: Now with more Jennifer Aniston stripping, profanity

jennifer-aniston-stripper-were-the-millers.jpgA week out from the Aug. 7 premiere of "We're The Millers," Warner Bros. has released a second red band trailer that hopes to reel viewers in with extended looks at star Jennifer Aniston taking her clothes off. What better advertising?

The film, which also stars Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms and Emma Roberts tells the story of a pot dealer (Sudeikis) and a stripper (Aniston) who pretend to be an all-American family in order to smuggle drugs across the US-Mexico border.

Sudeikis and Aniston seem to revel in the chance to play these crass and unsavory characters, which is all the better for audiences. Their naughty intro alone is promise that the film won't let raunchfest fans down.

Check out the (quite-NSFW) trailer below:

Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros.