What Oscar gowns flew the Academy's coop?


At the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science's runway show of unforgettable Oscar style moments yesterday, I asked Marvin Levy, Steven Spielberg's spokesman and longtime Academy board member, who has certainly seen a lot of Oscar shows in his life, to name his favorite gown.   I expected to hear a fond memory of  Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, Audrey Hepburn
"My favorite dress in recent Oscar fashion history? Oh, that singer.. what was her name... The one who wore that dress that looked like a bird." Bjork? "Yeah, that's the one."
Levy's not the only one who fondly recalls Bjork's bird-brained idea. Turns out Oscar producer Laura Ziskin and  Vogue's Andre Leon Talley desperately wanted to feature the swan gown in the show. But their request for the fine feathered frock was turned down by Bjork's camp. What other gowns did they want but not get? You'll be surprised.