What did Sandra Bullock find on Jesse James' computer?

jesse-james-sandra-bullock-09.jpgWhat did Sandra Bullock find on her cheating husband Jesse James' computer that pushed her over the edge (which probably wasn't a long trip)?

The Star reports  that Sandra mistakenly grabbed Jesse's computer in the rush to move out of their Sunset Beach, Calif., home.

In such a rush, we presume, that she turned it on and found something that shocked her even more than his multiple affairs with sleazy tattoo strippers.

What was it? S&M, necrophilia, threesomes, foursomes, foot fetishes? Videos, adult websites, photos of sexy sheep?

Whatever it was, Sandra was reportedly so horrified, she had the computer removed from her house, although it's likely her legal advisers would have encouraged her to keep it for moral fiber evidence.