What does YOLO mean? Old people attempt to answer on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

yolo-test-jimmy-kimmel-live.jpgSince Drake's song "The Motto" was released, the term "YOLO" has become the bane of our existence. "Now she want a photo, you already know though, you only live once, that's the motto n****, YOLO," Drake raps on the track, inspiring irritating teenagers, insufferable adults, and ironic hipsters everywhere to hashtag #YOLO after doing stupid things.

On last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel told his audience about a teenage boy who took a standardized test he didn't think was necessary. The boy wrote "YOLO" and a smiley face (sideways, like an emoticon, even though he was using a pencil, so it could've just as easily been right-side-up).

And then Kimmel's team hit Hollywood Boulevard to ask average folks what "YOLO" stands for. Some of our favorite responses?

"An over-done falafel, or something like that?" "I'm guessing it could have something to do with drugs, I'm not sure." "A yoyo made out of yoyos?"

Photo/Video credit: ABC