What is 'Sharknado'? GIFs and Vines explain fervor over Syfy's campy hit


If you happened to be on Twitter on the evening of July 11, there's a good chance you noticed many people tweeting about a tornado made up of sharks.

No, this wasn't some sort of new natural disaster; it was something far, far more serious. Syfy finally released the film "Sharknado" that's had people talking since a poster for it first popped up at the American Film Market with the tagline, "Enough said." And with a title like "Sharknado," what more is there to say?

Plenty, actually. The campy premise of the movie has had people excited since the get-go, but the hype reached a new high when the film premiered on Syfy on July 11. Somehow the movie managed to acquire the acting talents of recognizable names like Tara Reid, Ian Ziering and John Heard and then used said talents to have them utter lines like, "Instead of letting live sharks rain down on people, we're going to get in that chopper and throw bombs into the tornados," and, "Looks like it's that time of the month." Those aren't even mentioning the choice one-liners Reid said during a recent conference call.

"Sharknado" might not be winning Oscars any time soon, but at least it got plenty of high profile attention. From Mia Farrow to Clark Gregg to Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks, it seemed like more people in Hollywood were tuned in to Syfy's latest, greatest Original Movie than weren't. That kind of passion and dedication can't be faked.

Still don't understand what there is to love? Maybe the below GIFs and Vines will help elaborate:

Photo/Video credit: Syfy