What will Johnny Weir do/wear at the Olympics next?

johnny-weir-500-01.jpgJohnny Weir certainly got viewers buzzing, even if he only finished in sixth place after the men's short program in figure skating at the Olympics Tuesday (Feb. 16).

Oh sure, he's a character, as we can see from the clips from the series "Be Good, Johnny Weir," and there was that whole situation with him rooming with Tanith Belbin. But a big part of the buzz was probably (definitely) his outfit, a hybrid black and pink number that has a corseted back and front, peekaboo sleeve, sheer gloves, ruffles with pink piping and of course, the tassel.

In Johhny's own words, he "rocked" that tassel, and it certainly did add extra oomph to his spins and jumps.