'Wheel of Fortune' contestant's wild guess turns out right: 'New baby buggy' for the win

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wheel-of-fortune-first-try-winner-emil.jpg "Wheel of Fortune" contender Emil lived out every person's dream (or at least every person who has watched the TV game show's dream) on Wednesday's (March 19) show with a wild guess on the final puzzle. 

After coming up empty with his chosen letters on the final puzzle, Emil faced a nearly empty board. Host Pat Sajak suggested Emil shout out random guesses during his final 10 seconds -- and his first one, "New baby buggy," was right. Emil and Sajak were as shocked as the rest of us, and Pat even gave Emil a pat down to make sure he wasn't cheating. 

Seriously, this is too good to miss. Congrats, Emil!

Photo/Video credit: YouTube