Where's Justin Timberlake's SNL 'Single Ladies' video?


If you're one of the thousands (perhaps millions) of people who searched the Web for Justin Timberlake's hilarious "Saturday Night Live" performance as a leotard-clad, high-heeled dancer upstaging Beyonce in her "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" music video, here's the latest buzz:

An "SNL" insider tells a GaySocialites source that Timberlake only agreed to do the piece for a "set price," and that means he would get "performance residuals" for any further distribution of the skit.

If that's true, it explains why the hysterical video was removed from YouTube Monday (but not before it got 600,000 hits) and perhaps why it vanished from embedded spots on websites around the world.

It also may explain why the skit is not featured anywhere on the NBC.com website, although another Timberlake skit, Weekend Update, is are available for viewing.

But now, mysteriously, NBC.com has posted a Web exclusive, "SNL Backstage" Justin Timberlake video in which you can see a few seconds of the dance video skit, along with some banter with Justin and Andy Samberg, his dance partner, talking about the skit and the song. Check it out.

Was this possibly done to placate angry viewers wanting to see the dance video skit? Probably. Who can blame blame Justin for wanting to get paid for his work, especially when it's his amazing dance moves.

THIS JUST IN. An email from the Blackberry of NBC publicist Michael Liepis clears it all up. Kinda.

"The story you're citing is completely untrue. Sorry Gaysocialites.com.

The reason that sketch isn't online is a simple music clearance issue." 

So there you go. 

But it's a shame that so many Timberlake fans won't be able to see the whole enchilada. What's your only hope thus far?

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