'White Collar' lets fans decide which opening credits they want

white-collar-credits.jpgUSA has heard from all the "White Collar" fans who were upset with the change to the show's opening titles this season. So it's giving them a chance to get the old ones back.

"Following an enormous outpouring of feedback" -- or backlash; they say tomato, we say to-mah-to -- over the changed credits, the network will run a poll to determine whether to keep the current titles or revert to the earlier version. Fans can vote at USA's Character Chatter site from Friday, July 8 through Wednesday, July 13, and the winning title sequence will be revealed on "White Collar's" July 19 episode.

"Where would Neal Caffrey be without a second chance? Our new main title sequence has been hotly debated with opinions covering a broad spectrum," series creator Jeff Eastin says. "We respect the opinions of our fans and we couldn't think of a better way to reward their dedication than empowering them with this decision."

The current opening titles are below, followed by the older version. Which do you like better?

Photo/Video credit: USA