'White Collar' Season 4: Neal and Mozzie in exotic locales and 5 more things to look forward to

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white-collar-season-4-premiere-1.jpg "White Collar" returns to USA in just under a month with the Season 4 premiere, titled "Wanted," and we've got some juicy tidbits for all you Peter, Neal and Mozzie fans out there.

Here are six things to look forward to in the premiere:

  • The guest stars are great - Judith Ivey is back as Ellen Parker, and the show welcomes Mekhi Phifer as Agent Kyle Collins of Office of International Affairs - he's out for blood in tracking Neal down. Plus Gregg Henry guest-stars as a man whose allegiance we aren't really sure of - but Henry is great as playing the evil blonde man on every show ever.
  • Neal and Mozzie are holed up in an exotic locale - we won't tell you where, because Peter, Diana and Jones figuring it out is one of the most fun parts of the episode.
  • However, not only does the exotic locale offer many opportunities to see Neal in various stages of undress, but he also creates an impossibly romantic gesture for local proprietor Maya he is trying to woo. Woo woo, indeed.
  • Peter and Neal have one of their patented "bro-ments" during a phone call - is it dusty in here? So much left unsaid.
  • And lest you fear Elizabeth doesn't get in on the action, she gets to "eavesdrop on Collins by zip-lining across the drainage pipe with grappling hooks made out of expensive Forzieri ties." OK, not really. But she offers.
  • And finally, if you think one episode is going to serve as a wrap-up for the Neal-in-exotic-locale-with-treasure storyline, think again ...

Check out all the pictures from the Season 4 premiere "Wanted" and tune in when "White Collar" returns Tuesday, July 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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