'White Collar's' 'Most Wanted': Burke goes all 'Cocktail' for an undercover gig

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"White Collar" returned with a bang last week, as Peter, Jones and Diana tracked down Mozzie and Neal to keep them safe from Collins ( Mekhi Phifer), the newest agent on their trail. In these preview clips of Tuesday night's (July 17) episode, Burke and Mozz figure out that Dobbs double-crossed them and is helping Collins.

So Burke does a little undercover work as a bartender at a party thrown by Dobbs -- but what exactly is he up to? Who's the pink lady he to whom he just happens to mention federal agents?

Whatever the story, we like Burke's moves - hippy, hippy shake, indeed. "White Collar" airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Photo/Video credit: USA