White House Easter Egg Roll 2012 gets President Obama animated

president-obama-easter-2.jpgThe White House Easter Egg Roll may be for kids, but that didn't stop President Barack Obama from getting into the spirit on Monday (April 9) at the annual event. Thousands of kids turned out for the bash, including the Obamas' own daughters, Sasha and Malia, reports Politico.

"We are so thrilled that all of you could join us today," said the president welcoming his South Lawn guests. "My job is very simple, it is to introduce the powerhouse of the White House."

"My job is simple as well," replied the first lady, adding this caution about the actual egg rolling event: "I think the president is going to try and beat a three-year-old, which I hope he does not."

The president also took part in some sports activities and read Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" to a group of children.

Based on the photos below, a good time was had by all -- or at least by the president.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images