'Who Invited Her?': Reese Witherspoon tries wedding-themed comedy

reese-witherspoon-happy-gi.jpg"Bridesmaids" -- the ensemble comedy led by "Saturday Night Live" regular Kristin Wiig that opened in May to a respectable box office showing ($112 million since May 13) -- may just have opened the door for female-led raunch comedies.

Oscar (and recent MTV Generation) Award winner Reese Witherspoon has signed on to star in "Who Invited Her?" a wedding-themed comedy about a woman who crashes a bachelor party. Proving, yet again, that weddings -- and everything having to do with marriage including (but not limited to) courtships, proposals, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, receptions and honeymoons --  are hilarious.

Witherspoon won't only star, she'll also produce the comedy. This isn't, of course, Witherspoon's first brush with comedy. Previous must-sees include "Freeway," "Legally Blonde," "Election" and "Sweet Home Alabama."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images