Why did Katherine Webb leave 'Splash'? Louie Anderson returns to celebrity diving competition

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joey-lawrence-louie-anderson-splash-abc.jpgSports Illustrated model Katherine Webb, famed for catching the eye of Brent Musburger, has left ABC's celebrity diving competition show "Splash," citing an injury to her back.

At the beginning of this week's episode, Webb was seen struggling in her diving practice. "I went to the doctor and unfortunately he told me I'm out for the competition," she told the audience during Tuesday's show. Host Joey Lawrence explained that due to the circumstances, they'd bring back a recently eliminated contestant.

Fan favorite Louie Anderson, who was eliminated last week, returned to the show, proudly weighing in at 399 lbs after breaking the 400 lb mark. "Ive really gotten to know Katherine Webb over the weeks we practiced together," Armstrong tweeted on Tuesday. "She put all that she could into this, and she wanted to go on but she was truly hurt and in pain. And couldn't!"

At the end of the episode, Anderson found himself in the bottom two, along with Brandi Chastain. The two faced a dive-off -- but Anderson chose not to dive against her. "You know, I really went further than I ever thought I could," he said. "And I know I have very little chance of winning this competition. And I am going home, and I am going to defer to Brandi, because she has a chance to win this competition."

"Louie, you won our hearts the first time you took a dive, tonight you have our hearts forever," said Lawrence.
Photo/Video credit: ABC