Why 'Nashville' shouldn't kill off Will (and should kill off Crazy Peggy) - GIFs

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"Nashville" promised that one major character would die in the fall finale ... and viewers were left in shock as the hour ended with not one, but two lives hanging in the balance.

Will Lexington (Chris Carmack) contemplated suicide by train while Crazy Peggy (Kimberly Williams Paisley) was shot by a random guy who was trying to assassinate Teddy. 

We still don't know which of these two characters' deaths will stick when "Nashville" returns in the new year, but we do know that one will die while the other will live. Here are the reasons why -- in GIFs! -- we think Will should be the one to survive to see another day and sing another song ...

If Will dies, it will be the most heartbreaking way to go -- he'll commit suicide by train:

The reason Will contemplates suicide? He's ashamed that he's gay, and had just given in to his feelings for Brent, the hot label executive's assistant:


But Will is so concerned with how he's viewed in the country music business, he's been faking a relationship with up-and-coming teen country star Layla Grant:

Not only has Will's storyline of being gay in the country music industry given "Nashville" a unique perspective, but we love watching him perform:

Will and Gunnar had such a great friendship, and overcame so many obstacles already -- like Will kissing Gunnar, and Will using Gunnar's song without permission -- that Will's death will be another harsh blow to Gunnar who just got over his brother's death:

So if "Nashville" doesn't kill off Will (please have him change his mind at the last minute!), that leaves Crazy Peggy in the doghouse. 

Why should she be the one to die?



Oh, Crazy Peggy. We'll miss you and your antics.

Photo/Video credit: ABC