'Wicked Tuna' spinoff 'North vs. South' coming to NatGeo

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wicked-tuna-nat-geo-spinoff-north-vs-south.jpgNational Geographic Channel has announced a spinoff program for its popular fishing program "Wicked Tuna." The working title is "Wicked Tuna: North vs. South" and will begin filming off the coast of North Carolina this winter, with a premiere scheduled for this summer.

Producer Craig Piligian tells the 2014 TCA press tour that the spinoff will be a competition between the guys of "Wicked Tuna" and the fishermen of the Outer Banks in the Carolinas -- but those Southerns ain't got nothin' on the "Wicked" captains.

"There will be a lot of tensions and a lot of guys saying some funny stuff," says Piligian. "They're decent fishermen, but not as good as these guys."

The cast for the spinoff includes "Wicked Tuna" fan-faves Hard Merchandise captain Dave Marciano and Hot Tuna captain T.J. Ott, who will battle the local Outer Banks fishermen for bluefin tuna.

NatGeo has also announced a premiere date for "Wicked Tuna," which returns on Sunday, Feb. 16.
Photo/Video credit: NatGeo