Will 'One Tree Hill' live on? Executive producer Mark Schwahn would consider a reunion

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oth-finale-brooke-julian.jpgThis Wednesday, fans will watch the final episode of "One Tree Hill" when the ninth season wraps with a two-hour goodbye event on The CW. Though we'll bid farewell to our favorite characters, the show lives on within the show, as Julian combines his two passions - film making and Brooke.

But just how final is this finale? There's no denying the popularity of remakes, revamps, and the ever-trendy "reimaginings" these days. The CW's "90210" comes to mind, of course. This season alone, The CW is developing two series -- "The Carrie Diaries" and "Beauty and the Beast" -- based on television shows that wrapped years ago.

It's only natural to wonder whether "One Tree Hill" could resurface, whether as a reunion movie or a revived series. Zap2it checked in with creator Mark Schwahn for one last "One Tree Hill" chat this week, and he told us that he'd certainly consider visiting Tree Hill again in the future.

"I'm leery to answer, because some people are like, 'Why won't he just let it die! Let it go! It hasn't been good for years! I'm tired of this guy!'" he laughs. "But you create these characters for years, and live with them, and spend so many episodes writing about their lives. I've spent so many years having conversations with these fictional characters, I always say that when I get old I'm going to be so senile, talking to these make-believe characters."

If there's a demand from the audience for a return to Tree Hill, Schwahn is willing to further sacrifice his future lucidity. "Yeah, I love the characters and I love the world. I would never say never; it's all project-specific. The way I look at it is: there are people who love the show. If they miss it, if they're interested in some stone that we haven't turned over yet, then why not? If people want to see it, and they love it, and we love it, then I don't think it's anyone else's business."

If Warner Bros. is ever looking to develop a revival, may we suggest "Tree Hill: The Logan Evans Years"? That kid is the best.

Tune in Wednesday night at 8 p.m. for the emotional season finale. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from the final episode. Dare you not to cry!

oth-finale-everybody-nathan.jpg oth-finale-everybody.jpg oth-finale-karens.jpg oth-finale-brooke-family.jpg oth-finale-bruilan-clinn.jpg oth-finale-austin.jpg

Photo/Video credit: The CW