Will 'The League' add another female? Plus Season 5 casts Andre's parents

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the-league-season-5-cast.jpgAfter the 2013 TCA panel for "The League," Zap2it spoke with Jackie Marcus Schaffer, one half of the creative team behind the FX comedy, who told us that the writers have definitely talked about adding another female to the fantasy football mix besides Jenny.

"We've talked about a few different things," says Schaffer. "We've talked about Jenny getting into a girls league, where she starts a second league, where she brings in a lot of other -- like the moms and other characters. It's never quite made it into an episode yet, but we've certainly talked about it."

"At some point in time as we go over the next few seasons, it would be nice to see, whether it's one of their girlfriends or wives, maybe somebody we haven't met yet, get involved [in the league]," Schaffer adds.

We wonder if the resident female fantasy player, Jenny, would see another woman as a "sister" in fantasy football or more as "Hey, I'm the football-loving woman here." And Schaffer teases that we'll see a bit of that competitive nature in the season premiere.

"You'll see a little bit of competition between Jenny and [Andre's fiancee] Trixie in the season premiere, where Andre keeps telling Trixie that she's gonna be the cool one, she's the girl who can hang, but it's like -- we already have that," says Schaffer.

Other highlights from the "League" panel include:

  • "We are picking up ... with a wedding. Andre and Trixie are preparing the most labor-intensive, guest-unfriendly wedding on the planet. ... They're trying so hard to make things different that they're making it terrible. For example, their registry is a series of anagrams and riddles." -- Jeff Schaffer, creator
  • Jeff: "There's a little 'Game of Thrones' thrown in."
    Paul Scheer: "[But] no major characters will be killed at this wedding."
  • "We will be doing a Rafi-Dirty Randy adventure. We start at the bar with Rafi, leave with Rafi and watch Rafi and Dirty Randy and all their friends." -- Jeff
  • "If you had access to what actual fantasy football message boards or email chains are like, it would make our show look like 'Little House on the Prairie.'" -- Nick Kroll
  • In case you've wondered, there is a "League" fantasy league. Creator Jackie Marcus Schaffer has won twice, Katie Aselton, who plays Jenny, has won once and Nick Kroll (Ruxin) has won once. The trophy is called the Aselton Cup because Katie won the inaugural year.
  • Jackie: "You do talk about [your weight] on set more than most men."
    Steve Rannazzisi: "If you looked like John Goodman in the pilot, you'd talk about it too."
  • In terms of guest stars, Glenne Headly ("ER") and Griffin Dunne ("House of Lies") will be playing Andre's parents, and we will also get to meet Ruxin's sister, though no casting was announced yet.

"The League" premieres Wednesday, Sept. 4 on FXX, the new channel that the FX family of networks is launching with moves from "The League" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."
Photo/Video credit: FX