Tvpartyw706Billed as "the world's largest extreme obstacle course," ABC's new Tuesday night reality show Wipeout is more fun than a barrel of monkeys: a barrel of wet monkeys. It was designed to provide the most spills, face plants and wipeouts ever seen on television. So if you like watching people fail miserably, bounce off stuff, then drop like rag dolls into muddy puddles, call your friends, because we're going to make such fools of ourselves you'd think it was rush week.

Setting the scene:
Imagine a giant Mr. Bouncy Bounce sprayed down with a garden hose and vegetable oil -- anyone who attempted to stand in it would look like a complete idiot. That's basically the concept we're going for here, which means this party will take up the entire backyard. Set up Wham-O's amazing Splash Tunnel along with its Triple Racer Slip 'N' Slide (with the understanding that probably neither will make it through the night if adults are abusing them) as the beginning and ending of the race course. In between have competitors throw water balloons in the air, spin around and then catch them before racing to "the plank," where they must walk a long, raised board with more water balloons strategically placed every foot. Did we mention that during the entire process partygoers are throwing water balloons at people running the course? Players finish up with a headfirst dive on the Triple Racer. Winner gets a bath towel.

Life vests and swim trunks. Partygoers who are more spectators than participants should sport rain slickers and ponchos.

On the menu:
Watercress sandwiches and Jell-O served in cubes, balls and slushies.

On the hi-fi:
Wipeout by the Ventures, Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi, Falling Down by Scarlett Johansson, Surfin' Safari by the Beach Boys, I'm All Wet by the Girl Next Door.

The showstopper:
This section usually assumes money is no object, and boy howdy, does that apply this week. While a giant outdoor obstacle course would be great fun right up to the point where you break a collarbone, how about you have all the fun and get just as wet by building your own water park? Ramaker & Associates of Wisconsin have built indoor and outdoor water parks for resorts and casinos across the country. Their founder, Terry Ramaker, is a member of the World Waterpark Association Hall of Fame.