Woman mistakes Mark Wahlberg for Matt Damon, Wahlberg doesn't mind

If you saw Mark Wahlberg, would you mistake him for Matt Damon? One woman did. The best part? Mark Wahlberg was totally fine with it.

Mistaken identity isn't that uncommon in celebrity sightings, but it rarely gets called out publicly. It's even rarer for the misnamed celebrity to get in on the joke and seem to enjoy it. But that's just what happened here.

The unidentified quasi-fan ran into Wahlberg somewhere and managed to convince the actor to pose for a couple of photos. She then forwarded them to a friend via text message. Unfortunately, the accompanying text was as follows:

"We saw Matt Damon"

Fortunately for the triumph of truth, her friend caught the mistake, replying with a photo of the real Matt Damon for reference. It turns out that Wahlberg never corrected his "fan" of her mistake, simply smiling and posing, even after said fan screamed out the wrong name.

woman-mistakes-mark-wahlberg-matt-damon-facebook.jpgAll of this would have remained a private joke were it not for Facebook and Mark Wahlberg. Once out there on the social media site, Wahlberg eventually saw the conversation and posted it to his own Facebook page.

Wahlberg's response, used to caption the screengrab of the whole thing, makes the actor's opinion very clear:

"Close enough. :)"

Not that being mistaken for Matt Damon is an insult, but it's good to know that Wahlberg is such a nice guy about it.

Photo/Video credit: Facebook