WonderCon 2014: 'Farscape' movie officially in the works

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farscape-syfy-movie-wondercon-2014.jpgAt the showrunners panel at WonderCon 2014, Rockne O'Bannon ("Warehouse 13," "Defiance") confirmed that "Farscape," which he launched on Syfy back in 1999, may soon be returning to the screen.

According to Spoiler TV, the movie is a ways off from filming, but O'Bannon says that the wheels are turning. "Yeah, it's the worst kept secret ... We're far from production, but yeah, the first step is Justin [Monjo] working on a script for us. We'll keep our fingers crossed."

"Farscape" ran for four seasons as it chronicled the adventures of astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder), who is hurtled to the far reaches of space via a wormhole. It went off the air in March 2003.

What do you hope to see in a movie, "Farscape" fans?

Photo/Video credit: Syfy