Woody Harrelson models Lenny Kravitz' wardrobe at 'Catching Fire' parties

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Lenny Kravitz didn't just co-star in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" -- he also served as the film's DJ when the cast partied in their hotel rooms. The actor and singer spoke on Friday's (Dec. 20) "Live with Kelly and Michael" about how Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson and the rest relax on their down time.

"We hang out a lot off-set. We really do like each other a lot," Kravitz explained. "I became the entertainment director of 'The Hunger Games,' and we had some fun."

What does "fun" mean for the "Catching Fire" actors? "I'm DJ-ing from my computer," the man behind Cinna said. "We have a mixologist making different cocktails with herbs and all-natural things ... We have Jennifer Lawrence and we have Elizabeth Banks, and we have Josh [Hutcherson]. And we have Woody Harrelson -- you can't have a party without Woody Harrelson -- and then you have Woody Harrelson going into my closet, putting on my clothes and doing fashion shows."

It sounds like "The Hunger Games" may have been a fun place to work.
Photo/Video credit: ABC